About Me

Hey, what’s up folks? Figured it’s about time to drop an ‘about me’ page, you know, in case you’re curious to peek behind the scenes. I’m 34… I think. But hey, age is just a number, and who knows, it might change next year!

Now, let me set the record straight, I ain’t no show-off with special ‘skills’ or anything, unless you count modesty as one – which, by the way, it’s not, it’s more like a quality or something. My education? Well, I learned the ropes on the back webz. Back in the day, I was hooked on Ragnarok Online, got busted for botting, yeah, you know, using a program to do the grindin’ for me. Kept the game’s economy stable, though. Hey, we all make mistakes, right? But at least I admit it, ya feel me?

Community college in Charleston SC, I tried that. Dropped out. College in Chesapeake too, but same story, dropped out again. Might make me look bad, but I’m not afraid to admit it. Shows I can swallow my ego and learn from my blunders (and hey, I eventually went back to college). Truth is, the traditional college route just wasn’t my jam.

So, despite all those ups and downs, I took a break from life to care for my grandpa, who had dementia. Real tough times, but life goes on. Ended up in a low-paying tech gig, got canned, but you know what? I got that charm, and they still gave me a good reference. Went solo after that, but hey, lesson learned – independent life wasn’t all it cracked up to be. Working like crazy for fewer hours, not the move, man.

Nowadays, I’m all about helping peeps with their WordPress sites. The internet’s got all the info you need, you just gotta know the right questions to ask, ya dig? And sometimes, you don’t even know what you don’t know till someone else asks it for you.

Okay, I gotta be real with y’all, my sites could be better, but time ain’t always on my side (yeah, I’m guilty of spending most of my free time gaming). No excuses, though. I’mma try harder, no doubt. One of these days, I might even proofread this bad boy and ditch those 2:30 AM writing sessions.

Peace out! 🤙