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    My first website. It all started here. I’ll probably keep it forever even though I sometimes wish I made it instead. I actually own both domains but I only use the original. At most, I might make redirect to How it Started InmotionHosting I needed a job and searched online for anything. […]

  • DurangoDoug Such a simple site. I have very few goals for it, I just couldn’t pass the domain up. It’s also my Steam profile name, so I gotta keep it for branding. When I have more energy, I could probably add some cool things and make it more mobile responsive.

  • Agenda

    I need more content to even play around on this site and what better way to generate posts then to describe my other sites. I’m very disorganized and most of my sites do not have a purpose yet, so this will let me put some thought into the my domains and what I’ll eventually use […]