My first website. It all started here. I’ll probably keep it forever even though I sometimes wish I made it instead. I actually own both domains but I only use the original. At most, I might make redirect to

How it Started


I needed a job and searched online for anything. I found a Pipeline program at Inmotion Hosting, where they would teach you about web hosting and maybe hire you at the end of the course. I applied for the course, with very little on my resume. I had taught myself basic programming, but it’s hard to put “I can do for loop in C if I google the syntax” on a resume while trying to be serious.

I was not only accepted, but If I recall correctly, I was hired. The pay wasn’t great (and that’s fair, I didn’t know what DNS which…kind of a big deal in hosting), but there were some nice perks. These perks included a VPS and a free domain name. We had to come up with a personal domain name and penguins are always on my mind.

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